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The definition of gap just got longer!


People have always used short term health plans to cover a bridge or gap in health insurance.

The reasons are common:


  • Waiting period till next plan starts
  • Between jobs
  • Until Medicare starts up
  • To get out to open enrollment
  • Need immediate coverage


Traditionally the gap in coverage was short.

  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months etc


Now with mandated open enrollment periods (usually Nov 1st - Jan 31st depending on State), this gap might be a lot longer.


There's some good on that front.


You can always run your gap insurance quote here:

How to quote Trump short term health plans


Otherwise, feel free to jump right to a section:



Let's get started!


We have a gap to fill!

What is gap health insurance?


Let's start with the basics.


Gap health insurance is another name for short term health insurance.


Gap insurance are catastrophic health plans designed to cover up to a fixed period of time.


It's usually month to month.


This means you can cancel in 30 day blocks even though the max duration is 90 or 364 days.


Even the 90 days limited gap period works well for many situations such as waiting periods for company health plans.


The max waiting period there is generally 90 days.


Gap health plans work really well for fast and easy plan enrollment for these gaps in coverage.


Really that's why it's called "gap" health insurance.


We're trying to bridge two other types of coverage.

Again, they are more catastrophic in benefits.

Let's look at that piece.

What does gap health insurance cover?


So we have a gap in coverage.


We need to fix that.


What exactly does gap insurance cover?


It's best to think of gap coverage as major medical or catastrophic coverage.

It works really well for the big bills.


There are 4 main components to gap coverage:


  • Deductible
  • Coinsurance
  • Out of Pocket max
  • Plan Maximum benefit


The deductible is the amount you pay before the plan helps out

The coinsurance is the percentage you pay until the max out of pocket is met.

The max out of pocket is where you stop paying for covered benefits, in-network.

The Plan maximum is the total amount the company will pay for covered benefits, in-network.


You have a choice of mixing and matching theses three items and that affects the cost.


Otherwise short term plans are very comparable even between companies.


You can quote the various gap insurance options here:

How to quote Trump short term health plans


This is a good jump off point to look at what gap health insurance does not cover.


Basically, how it's different from Obamacare plans.


How is gap insurance different from Obamacare


Gap insurance is designed for major medical or catastrophic coverage.


It does good job with that but there are differences especially since Obamacare mandates many different benefits.


Here's a quick comparison of gap health insurance versus Obamacare:


If you have the option for both, a few things to look at:


  • Do you qualify for a tax credit
  • Do have pre-existing conditions that you may want coverage for
  • Do you have more expensive expected health care needs
  • Do you have more expensive out-patient medication
  • Are you able to enroll now (either Open Enrollment or Special Enrollment window)


We're happy to help with these questions.

There's no cost for our assistance. It's 100% free to you.


What companies offer gap health Coverage


This depends on your State.


Here's a guide by State:


One some States we don't have any gap health companies.


We have to use AlieraCare which is a health sharing company.


You can find more information on how they work here.


Again, it might not be an option.


For example, California banned all short term health plans.


So...depending on your State, here are big companies for gap health coverage:


  • IHC (partnered with BCBS)
  • UnitedHealthOne (owned by United Health)
  • AlieraCare InterimCare healthsharing plans


If you're lucky enough to have multiple options, check out our comparison of short term health plans here.


You can always quote the options to see what's available by zip code here:

How to quote Trump short term health plans


How long can I get gap health insurance for?


This depends on State as well.


We usually have 90 days as a minimum if your State allows short term plans altogether.


Some States are adopting the new 364 day expansion of gap health insurance.


If your State bars gap health insurance altogether, you an use AlieraCare (quote here).


You can always cancel month to month in 30 day blocks.

Gap health insurance reviews


What about reviews for the gap health companies and plans?


This is tricky.


Health insurance companies in general never have great reviews.


In fact, they tend to be overly negative and few considering that there are millions of people enrolled each year.


Have a handful of reviews at a major review site for a company that insures millions of people tells you something's up.


When a health insurance company pays the way it should, we don't really motivated to sing about it on the rooftops!


Our experience after helping 10's of 1000's of people compare and enroll in gap health insurance?



They're pretty comparable with UnitedHealthOne having a slight lead.


We only deal with the major gap health insurance companies to avoid some of the issues that other companies have had.


Health sharing plans like AlieraCare are different altogether.


You can learn on how they work here.


We would use that option if our State doesn't allow gap health plans.


Make sure to compare how they are different from health insurance through that link.

What situations is gap health insurance good for?


This has changed a bit.


The traditional uses of gap health plans is the same as it ever was:


  • Between jobs
  • Until Medicare kicks in
  • Loss other coverage and can't get on Obamacare plans
  • Lapsed ACA coverage
  • Missed open enrollment
  • Need immediate coverage
  • Relatives visiting from other countries


Where we'll see a difference is in States that take the 364 day expansion.


These gap health plans then become a way to bypass Obamacare.


Essentially, you're buying coverage for a year at a time till open enrollment and then re-evaluating.


There will likely be a lot of this in 2019 and beyond.

We already saw the trend with health sharing plans in 2017 and 2018.

Is there a penalty for gap health insurance


There is still a penalty for gap health insurance beyond 3 months in 2018.


The penalty goes away in 2019 and beyond.


How do I quote gap health insurance


This is easy, online, and free.

You can access the gap health insurance quote here:

How to quote Trump short term health plans


Make sure to look at the State map to see what you might have available to you.


The map will be updating all the time so feel free to run the quote based on your zip code to see what's available.


We have AlieraCare as a backup option in most States where short term health plans are banned by the State.


How do I apply for gap health insurance


Enrollment generally takes 5-10 minutes.


Here are some common points on the gap health plan enrollment:

  • Coverage can start midnight following enrollment
  • We can cancel month to month with blocks between 3 months and 11 months depending on State
  • The rates quoted are the best available on the market
  • Short term works best for injury/illness but does not cover pre-x conditions and is medically underwritten (although simplified issue)
  • You may still have a penalty for not having ACA coverage (through 2018) with short term plans
  • There is no cost for our services!


There's no cost for our assistance.

The rates show on the quote page are the best available anywhere!

Quote gap health insurance plans here


Again, there is absolutely no cost to you for our services as licensed Short term health agentsCall 800-320-6269 Today!



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