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2019 Short Term Health Insurance Review


2019 is a pivotal year for the short term health market.


Big Changes!


Many things are happening in 2019 that will affect not only short term plans but Obamacare itself.


The changes are a highly politicized topic.


But why?


We'll look at what it means for you, for Obamacare, and the future of health insurance.


We'll also look at how to get the best value in 2019.


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We mentioned there are lots of changes in 2019.


Let's get to those first!

Trump changes to short term health plans in 2019


This is really the big deal in 2019.


On August 2nd, Trump announced 3 changes (2 big ones really) to short term health plans.


3 changes to short term health plans


The big changes are the expansion of the duration to 364 days and the ability to renew up to 3 years.


This is actually a reversal to pre-2015 standards.


We had 360 days short term back in 2014.


Obama issued an executive order that restricted it to 90 days.

At that time, the ACA (Obamacare) markets were struggling to grow.


The order would force people into the ACA plans instead of getting short term plans.


What really happened was a lot of people lapsed coverage or went to health sharing plans.


Health sharing exploded in growth at about the same time!


You can find more on health sharing here.


In reversing the duration to 364 days and allowing people to renew up to 3 years, there will essentially be a secondary market to Obamacare.


It's important to understand the big differences between short term and Obamacare in 2019 here.


They are very different.


That being said, many of the people who will look at longer term short in 2019 CAN'T afford Obamacare.


It's not a question really.


There are millions of people just over the tax credit income limit.


They have seen their costs roughly double or triple since 2014.


If you're older, it gets even crazier.


$1000/month per person in your 50's or 60's is not unheard of.


For the Bronze plan ($6500 deductible on average).


That's not feasible for many people.


This is where we see short term fill the "gap" so to speak.

Especially for healthy people that just want catastrophic coverage.


The ability to renew for 3 years just adds more weight to that strategy.

Now that we set the table, let's look at the 2019 short term options.

2019 short term health companies


Which companies are offering short term in 2019?


We have two major short term companies in 2019:



Availability is based on State:


short term health plans by State


You can check both of their reviews through their independent links.


Many short term carriers left in 2015 with the restrictions on duration.


We may get some of them back.

When that happens, we'll add them to the quoting tool here:


How to quote Trump short term health plans


We only quote legitimate carriers that offer real short term health coverage.


We avoid the traps like daily caps on hospital (really bad option found elsewhere).


There's no reason to even have insurance with a daily cap of $1000 for hospital.


You can compare the 2019 short term companies here.


What about the benefits in 2019?

2019 short term health plan benefits


The short term plans benefits haven't changed too much with the recent changes.


In fact, we've always had pretty comparable short term plans for decades now.


2019 is no different.


You can find more on the 2019 expanded short term benefits here.


A quick recap...


There are four core plan elements to consider:

  • Deductible
  • Co-insurance
  • Out of Pocket Max
  • Policy max


A quick intro to each (assumes covered benefits, in-network, per person)



This is the amount you pay first before getting help from the plan.



This is the percentage you pay after deductible is met


Out of Pocket Max

This is the amount at which you stop paying the co-insurance.

For most plans, you add the deductible and max for your total exposure.


Policy Max

This is the maximum benefit that the plan will pay during the policy.


IHC has a simpler range of options while UnitedHealthOne offers more combinations.


You can quote both of them here for 2019 plans and rates:

How to quote Trump short term health plans

How long can you have short term for in 2019


In 2019, we may have short term plans up to 364 days depending on your State


Not every State will go along with the expansion.


You can quote above to see if your State allows 364 days or 90 days based on your zip code.

Is there a short term health plans penalty in 2019


The penalty for not having coverage goes away in 2019.


This is another big reason that the expanded 364 day short term plans will boom in 2019.


No penalty for short term then.


In 2018 and before, there is a penalty for having short term beyond 3 months.

Can you renew short term plans in 2019


This is the second biggest change (after expansion to 364 days).


With the new plans (and depending on State), you will be able to renew up to 3 years.


This really turns short term plans into longer plans.


They are still very different from Obamacare but for people who can't afford ACA plans...


They just got a lot more attractive.

Who does 2019 short term plans work for?


Short has always filled a need in the market.


In 2019, there will be a shift in the goal of short term health plans.


The traditional use still applies.


True short term coverage as gap health insurance:


  • Coverage between jobs
  • Coverage till new insurance starts
  • Need for immediate coverage
  • Waiting periods
  • Get out to Open Enrollment


Now, we can have a whole new strategy with the expanded duration:


  • Missed open enrollment
  • Just want catastrophic coverage
  • Alternative to Obamacare with just major medical
  • Lapse ACA coverage


In 2019, it now starts to function like a secondary health insurance market.

Secondary to Obamacare.


You can compare short term versus Obamacare here.


There are important distinctions but the uses will definitely expand in 2019.


How will 2019 changes affect Obamacare


This is why Obama restricted short term duration in 2015.


A quick history lesson.


Obamacare came on the scene with a bang in 2014.


The exchanges then added many members but began to stall around 2015.

People were leaving as fast as they were coming onboard by 2017.



If you get a tax credit, everything was great.

If you don't, it became very expensive.


Those people began to lapse coverage or not enroll at all.


Obamacare is definitely richer in benefits.


If healthy people could get short term for 360 days and NOT enroll in Obamacare, it would make the exchange pools more "risky".


This means costs would go up!


Faster than they already were.

That would mark the spiral of the marketplace itself.


That's why the new 2019 short term expansion is so politicized.


You'll hear lots of bad press in the media in order to PROTECT the Obamacare markets.


Here's the deal...those people all have their own insurance...usually paid for by a company or government.


They don't talk to the everyday people we speak with.


How can a couple in their 60's that make $70K pay $24K for health insurance?

They can't.


The media doesn't address these people who have NO real option now.


It's not a choice for them.

They have a choice now (depending on your State).

Ironically, the States with the largest number of these people are the very ones that won't allow the expanded short term (California, New Jersey, New York, etc).


Those people will have to look at health sharing in the meantime.


Till the States come to their senses.

How to quote and enroll 2019 changes


Quoting and enrolling in 2019 short term is easy.


You can access the quote here:

How to quote Trump short term health plans


The enrollment generally takes 5-10 minutes.


There's no cost for our assistance and the rates shown are absolutely the best available.


Call us at 800-320-6269 or email us.

Review of 2019 short term health plans

We'll end with this.


2019 will see a large roll-over of uninsured and expensively insured people move to short term health plans.


This is primary a function of cost.


Obamacare is a tale of two Cities!


  • In one city, you have a tax credit, really rich benefits, and all is right with the world (except for the networks)
  • In the other city, the costs have exploded higher.


Yes, you have richer benefits but only if you can afford not to lapse the policy.


We see a lot of people lapse those policies due to the monthly costs.


In 2019, there may be a short term suburb out there for people who just want major medical insurance at a lower cost.


To continue this ridiculous analogy....we're the mayor!




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