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3 Year Renewal for Short Term Health Plans


3 year short term health plan options


There's a lot of talk about the new Trump expansion of short term health plans.

For good reason.


It will likely become a secondary market for people who can't afford Obamacare plans.


Basically, an alternative to that market starting in 2019.


2019 may be the year of short term health plans.


There will be lots of highly politicized takes on it both positive and negative depending on the political bent.


Just a head's up...all those people talking...


Almost all of them have health insurance offered to them by an employer!


They may pay nothing for it!


It's great to tell other people how much they should pay when you pay next to nothing.


The reason why short term has become politicized has to do with the 3 year renewal option.


Short term is becoming much more long term!


You can always quote the new 3 year short term plans here:

How to quote 3 year renewal short term health


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Here we go.

Trump's Expansion of short term health insurance


On August 2nd, the Trump White House announced an executive order that would expand short term health coverage in 3 ways:

3 changes to short term health plans


The duration expansion to 364 days was the big change.

Right behind it was the 3 year renewal option.


This basically said that short term companies can allow policy members to renew their short term coverage (each block of 3 364 days) up to 3 times.


Essentially 3 years minus a few days.


Obama put restrictions on short term plans back in 2015.

Both in terms of duration and the ability to renew.


This means that if you exhausted a 90 day block of coverage, you might not be able to re-apply for coverage or renew.


If we had two carriers in the State, we could bounce to another company.


If not, we were out of luck.


This move was to force people to the ACA or Obamacare market.


The 3 year renewal option is a move to give people a way around Obamacare.

Especially since the penalty goes away in 2019.


Let's look at exactly how this works.


The new 3 year renewal option for short term


Before the change, you might get a 90 day block of short term coverage.


Once that 90 day block ended, the person might be blocked from purchasing another 90 day block of short term.


They were probably out of luck at that point.


With the new expansion from Trump, two things happen on this front:


  • The person can get up to 364 days in short term at a time
  • The person may be able to renew up to 3 times


That's a total of just under 3 years.


Short term just got a lot longer!


When can we get these options?

When will 3 year short term be available


Officially, the earliest available date is October 2nd.


3 months following the announcement on Aug 2nd.


We spoke with UnitedHealthOne (one of the two big short term companies) and they're gearing to start right away.


It usually takes States a good 6 months to approve plan changes.


A 3 month turnaround is pretty impressive.


It WILL depend on the State.

Is 3 year renewal available in my State


Not every State will adopt the new changes.

Mainly along political lines.

California has already announced that they will bar the new plans.


Which is interesting.


Politics aside, there are millions of people who don't qualify for a tax credit and legitimately can't afford Obamacare.


I speak with them almost daily.


Quick example...


Couple in the 60's.

Make $75K annually - so no tax credit

Bronze plan (cheapest) is $2K per month


They can't pay $24K out of $75K total income to get a $6300 deductible plan.


It's not viable.

It's not even laughable.


Yet, California has decided they must or go without insurance.


We understand why they're doing it (more on that later) but there are lots of people who don't qualify for a tax credit.


To check your State, just run the short term quote here:


How to quote 3 year renewal short term health


Enter your zip code and date of birth.


The quote system will show you all available options including the 364 day plans if available.


Some States may bring on the 3 year renewal plans later.


You can always check with us at 800-320-6269 or by email for your particular State.

There's no cost for our assistance as license short term health agents. ZERO!


Which companies offer 3 year short term


There are two companies nationwide that dominate short term health plans:

  • IHC
  • UnitedHealthOne


You can compare the two short term companies here.


As new companies come on board, we'll add them to the quote page here:

How to quote 3 year renewal short term health


As for States with short term available (90 day or 364 day), here's the list:

short term health plans by State


Some States will likely bar the expansion to 364 days along political lines.


We don't expect expansion from California, New York, New Jersey and the like.


Where it is available, who might it be good for?

Is 3 year short term right for me?


This is the question.

We have an entire article on 3 year renewal short term versus Obamacare.


A few quick questions help with the decision:


  • Can you enroll in Obamacare now?
  • Can you qualify for an Obamacare tax credit?
  • Can you afford Obamacare plan?


Let's look at each of these.


Can you enroll in Obamacare now?


Some people get short term health plans because they have CANT enroll in Obamacare.


Obamacare has open enrollments (usually Nov 1st - Jan 31st depending on State).


If you miss it and don't have a special enrollment trigger, you make be out of luck.


Medicaid/Medi-cal may be available year round.


Short term may then be the only option alongside Health Sharing plans.


If you lapsed coverage, you may find yourself in this same (sinking) boat.


You need short term at least till Open Enrollment.


Can you qualify for an Obamacare tax credit?


If you can qualify for an Obamacare tax credit, it probably doesn't make sense to get short term coverage.


Unless your tax credit is really small.


Almost all the people who will want 3 year short term do not qualify for a tax credit.


Can you afford Obamacare plan?


If you don't qualify for a tax credit, Obamacare can be very expensive.


Is it possible for you to pay that monthly premium?


The coverage is richer (see difference between 3 year short term and Obamacare)...


But only if you can afford it.


We see many people who lapse coverage due to the cost.


Lapsed coverage doesn't help much even if it's richer!


Finally...look at your health.

Short term plans are designed for the big bills primarily.

Major medical insurance.


Here's a quick look at difference:



We're happy to help you compare the options for your needs.

There ZERO cost for our assistance as licensed short term agents.


How 3 year renewal will affect the Obamacare market


Why so politicized?

Why take away options from people on what they can buy?


Some people just want coverage for the big bills.

Why not let them get these more limited plans?


It's simple.


If healthy people can leave the Obamacare markets, the costs will go up for that market.


This is happening already since there was never a cost containment built into Obamacare.


The costs roughly tripled since 2014 without the expanded short term.


People started going to health sharing plans in droves starting in 2017.


It will just occur at a faster clip.


For the people that get a tax credit, it won't affect them.


Only the people that have Obamacare without a tax credit.


You can learn more about it in our expanded short term article here.

How to quote and enroll in the new 3 year short term


This is easy.


You can access the quote and enrollment pages for the major 3 year short term companies here:


How to quote 3 year renewal short term health


The quoting and enrollment is all online.


It generally takes 5-10 minutes to quote and enroll.


The rates shown are the best available anywhere on the market!


There's no cost for our assistance!


A few notes on short term enrollment:

  • Coverage can start midnight following enrollment
  • We can cancel month to month with blocks of coverage up to 90 or 364 days depending on State (just email written request to cancel prior to end of 30 day block)
  • The rates quoted are the best available on the market
  • Short term works best for injury/illness but does not cover pre-x conditions and is medically underwritten (although simplified issue)
  • You may still have a penalty for not having ACA coverage (if enforced) with short term plans through 2018
  • There is no cost for our services!

We're happy to help with any questions at 800-320-6269 or by email.

Review of 3 year short term health plans


Big changes are coming to the short term market.


The move to up to 3 years or short term renewal is one of the biggest (2nd actually).


The new 3 year renewal options is available as early as Oct 2nd 2018 but Open Enrollment of 2019 is when you'll see a huge push.


The dominant two short term companies will roll out in earnest:


  • IHC (sponsored by BCBS)
  • UnitedHealthOne (owned by United Health)


You can compare them here.


More carriers will likely come onto the market.

Quite simply...


For many people, the 3 year short term will become an alternative to Obamacare.


It's important to understand the differences of short term versus Obamacare.


It's also important to be able to afford the monthly premium.


That last point is the SOLE driver to the new changes.

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